Adobe buys Aviary online photo editor

Great movement in the world of publishing images on the Internet and in mobile: Adobe has bought Aviary ( ).

We’ve been talking about since its inception aviary, featuring editors from images and sound , long before they offered their service to other tools that integrated it as a new feature. Aviary intelligently has grown in recent years, and its editor is used in dozens of great web and mobile applications worldwide.

Surely, when you open an app on mobile, related to the world of photography, has an editing system and filters (at instagram), the message “powered by aviary” appears somewhere (work with flickr with MailChimp with mobile versions of Twitter …).

We report on the blog aviary unspecified prices, without indicating how much we are talking about, but making it clear that they will continue working to build new applications and create a more flexible and powerful SDK.

We will continue to support and enhance Aviary’s SDK as part of Adobe’s broader Creative SDK offering. While ensuring no interruption to Aviary’s developer community, or their apps’ users, we plan to add additional components and services for developers to incorporate – such as the ability to save creations to Creative Cloud in Adobe file formats, access Photoshop technology, and connect creativity across devices using the Creative SDK.

The whole team will start working now aviary in adobe, so talent is not lost.

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