If you are a regular user of Twitter

If you are a regular user of Twitter, I’m sure more than one occasion you may have set on the badges blue that popular social network microblogging standing in profile public figures, corporations, media, etc., objective of demonstrating the authenticity of the account, preventing anyone to impersonate a celebrity.

So far, Dick Costolo, the CEO of the company (which has the position since October 2010 and an account on the social network since May of 2007) did not have a verified account. Undoubtedly, this situation was somewhat curious, given note that it is the CEO of Twitter. Costolo was asked repeatedly by this, so I was forced to clarify the situation through a tweet published in 2012, which stated: To all those who repeatedly ask why I’m not checked whether I’m the CEO : I checked in my head, and Mom said that’s all that matters.

Costolo seems to have changed his mind since recently (without any mention by him) has incorporated this blue badge to your profile in the social network , verifying that it is the CEO really.

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