Google Chrome releases new version For 64-bit

In Google blog Chrome have the 64-bit many expected, the Windows version is now available both in channel development as Canary .

This new version replaces the existing, without losing data (favorites, accounts, etc..) As respects the settings that we have in our Chrome.

The article discussed the strengths of Chrome 64bit: speed, security and stability.

The speed quesito remember to use the 64-bit version takes advantage of the new processors, using a more modern set of instructions, improving performance (especially in graphics and digital media) to 25%.

This version of Chrome also uses advanced security systems of Windows 8, indicating that the “extra” bits help defend against invasion techniques to which other versions are vulnerable. Finally comment that greatly improves stability, especially in the process of rendering web content, where the error rate (accidents, as they are called in the article) is reduced to half that with the use of the 32 bits.

Yet it is important to remember that it is a development version, so we recommend its use, particularly the community of programmers who want to provide feedback of what was going finding.

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