Valve launches Steam Music Player, a music player integrated into Steam

By now, most of you know Steam games platform developed by Valve. Now the company has just announced the official launch of Steam Music Player , a new feature of Steam that will allow its users to not only play games but also play music.

Thanks to this new approach, users of Steam which habitually listen to music while playing will not be forced to constantly switch between applications to control playback , but can do so without leaving Steam, thanks to the built-in player. Also, a while on Steam can be purchased soundtracks of video games that we buy, so it is logical that the company allows play this content without using another program. To celebrate the launch of Steam Music Player, Valve to give away users original soundtracks of some of his most popular video games such as the mythic Half-Life and Half-Life 2 and Portal 2 Portal and all those who have acquired and Steam. For those who do not have them, download them to allow the company to 75% until October 1, and can then download the soundtrack for free.

Definitely an interesting initiative by Valve that delights many regular users of Steam.

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