Twitter is working on a tool that would create surveys within social network

At least, this is what follows the tweets of evidence that some users have posted on the popular social network microblogging , which shows that Twitter would be testing a tool that would allow users to create surveys without using applications third or leave the website.

According to these tweets , similar to the one we see in the screenshot illustrating this article, the ability to mark one or another option to complete the survey would be given, allowing the user to know the opinion of his followers. For now, these surveys redirected website BirdOps a test page for Twitter developers. This tool was made ​​public, the company would give its users a new way to receive feedback much more quickly and easily, so no third party tools would be needed to conduct surveys through the social network. Certainly a choice really useful for businesses and public figures , thanks to the popularity of social networks could learn quickly and without cost to the opinions of citizens.

However, this does not mean that at the moment, other users receive the possibility of creating surveys. On Twitter is common to try new tools in order to see the results they offer, may not reach all users, or be removed shortly. For example, recall that recently, after adding the ability to embed tweets into other tweets , removed this feature without any official statement.

Valve launches Steam Music Player, a music player integrated into Steam

By now, most of you know Steam games platform developed by Valve. Now the company has just announced the official launch of Steam Music Player , a new feature of Steam that will allow its users to not only play games but also play music.

Thanks to this new approach, users of Steam which habitually listen to music while playing will not be forced to constantly switch between applications to control playback , but can do so without leaving Steam, thanks to the built-in player. Also, a while on Steam can be purchased soundtracks of video games that we buy, so it is logical that the company allows play this content without using another program. To celebrate the launch of Steam Music Player, Valve to give away users original soundtracks of some of his most popular video games such as the mythic Half-Life and Half-Life 2 and Portal 2 Portal and all those who have acquired and Steam. For those who do not have them, download them to allow the company to 75% until October 1, and can then download the soundtrack for free.

Definitely an interesting initiative by Valve that delights many regular users of Steam.

Hootsuite buys Zeetl to integrate voice into their platform

While announcing the entry of 60 million dollars of investment from companies like Accel Partners, Insight Venture Partners, OMERS Ventures and Silicon Valley Bank, from Hootsuite we discuss the acquisition of the company’s social telephony, Zeetl, a movement that aims to integrate speech technology within its social networking platform.

The information, also commented on the company blog , specifies that were already 250 million who entered the company since its inception. In this case intend to use the capital to climb even faster globally and create new products.

Upon purchasing Zeetl: intended to include a new voice solution to better enhance customer service teams around the world, thus helping to manage social customer networks (remember that recently bought Brightkit, management social campaigns, as sought by some kind of integration between the two solutions).

Already have more than 10 million users in 175 countries, with clients like NHL, Sony Music Entertainment, Adidas, eBay, Orange, etc. and want to continue down that path now betting system for providing customer service based on VoIP.

Google Chrome developer version includes a game when you have no connection

Google Chrome Canary version of Google Chrome-the targeted especially at developers- incorporating all the innovations that ordinary users will see later in Google Chrome, in its latest update hides a curious game for those times when you do not count on Internet .

If you use Google Chrome, surely more than one occasion and have seen the typical dinosaur indicates that it has not been able to connect to the Internet. In the latest version of Google Chrome Canary, when this error screen appears, you will only have to press Space to enjoy a game in the style of running endless . The game (which you can see in the screenshot illustrating this article) has a mechanism as simple as once you have gained access to it, you only have to press the space bar to jump the dinosaur, aiming dodge cacti that appear as this progresses. The further you get and dodge cacti, the more points you get.

It certainly is a most curious move by Google, which aims to make the wait until we get the internet connection is much less frustrating and more enjoyable .

Ingress, the augmented reality game Google adds new feature Missions

As some of you maybe you know, Ingress is the game of Google for mobile devices that makes the real spaces in virtual spaces for its development, which has been installed by more than seven million “agents” around the world on your Android Devices and iOS over the past year, having allowed more than thirty thousand of them participating in different events throughout the developed world.

Reportedly from the game’s own Google+ profile, will now have a new feature that they believe will be the biggest and most important change since its launch. This feature is called Misiones and is initially deployed among users of Android devices, with the idea to reach iOS users a “very near” future.

The “agents” involved in Missions Ingress have to visit a number of places, complete game actions by hacking or capture of Portales, and even use clues to solve puzzles that allow them to advance to the next level. The notice stated further that they have merged data from Guided Missions Ingress, opening the opportunity directly to users to explore through the locations offered by more than 200 publishing partners excursions on the history, art, architecture, outdoor activities, shopping, restaurants and more.

One last point to the possibility that a small group of experienced to create their own missions and share them with other players of the platform agents, although this possibility will grow in the coming weeks and months to those agents who have passed the fifth level.

The new tab Missions is available under the operations menu.