Artificial intelligence platform MonkeyLearn opens in beta

Today was the day chosen for the launch of the MonkeyLearn platform in beta, which is a new tool of artificial intelligence based on the cloud-focused text mining so that developers can use the API of the platform to provide information for analysis, resulting in a data structure which can be categorized to give them different uses. According to VentureBeat , we expect this new platform made ​​by mining text which made ​​for WordPress websites and blogs.

To better understand the operation of MonkeyLearn, it will allow users to select or create a module, which you will provide different types of content, be it websites, documents, content of email messages, etc. ., uploading to the platform or directly capture the source texts via an API. Subsequently, the algorithm will extract key features and content to associate each category within the module itself. Then the categorized content may be used for different uses within any website or application via an API.

At this point, the uses to which it can give categorical data can be different from web profiles to target ads to specific users or messages to the categorization of content by user interests, the Flipboard style.

As we say, the platform has just opened its doors in beta, there a number of pricing plans, ranging from the free option, allowing up to 1,000 hits per month, to the Enterprise version, for $ 500 a month, Developers can make up to a million hits per month, with the extra 1,000 visits / month for a dollar.

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