Dataminr commercially platform launched its real-time news

Dataminr specializes in tracking the most important information through Twitter, offering real-time alerts on any information that is most relevant to the financial sector, for the sector of the media, and the public sector company. Today has resulted in the commercial launch of its platform Dataminr for News , which was first announced earlier this year with CNN and Twitter, says in a posting on its official blog.

This tool acts as a source of information, which will offer journalists and other specialists the most relevant information that occur on Twitter in real time, counting with the most sophisticated technology for detection and verification of information occurs in public tweets. Dataminr for News also joins the TweetDeck mobile app, which will receive all alerts set through a column dedicated within the application.

Dataminr for News has been tested in its beta stage for more than 50 news organizations, including CNN, BBC, and The Weather Channel, among others.Dataminr technology is facilitating thousands of journalists promptly receive daily news which have been produced according to the alerts that have been established.Thanks to the close collaboration they are having with news organizations in any field, and both those were from the beginning and those that are joining today, is enabling Dataminr improve their ability to deliver relevant information to their newsrooms in real time.

Finally, Dataminr for News will be formally released outside North America in the early 2015, ends his statement.

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