Twitter is working on a tool that would create surveys within social network

At least, this is what follows the tweets of evidence that some users have posted on the popular social network microblogging , which shows that Twitter would be testing a tool that would allow users to create surveys without using applications third or leave the website.

According to these tweets , similar to the one we see in the screenshot illustrating this article, the ability to mark one or another option to complete the survey would be given, allowing the user to know the opinion of his followers. For now, these surveys redirected website BirdOps a test page for Twitter developers. This tool was made ​​public, the company would give its users a new way to receive feedback much more quickly and easily, so no third party tools would be needed to conduct surveys through the social network. Certainly a choice really useful for businesses and public figures , thanks to the popularity of social networks could learn quickly and without cost to the opinions of citizens.

However, this does not mean that at the moment, other users receive the possibility of creating surveys. On Twitter is common to try new tools in order to see the results they offer, may not reach all users, or be removed shortly. For example, recall that recently, after adding the ability to embed tweets into other tweets , removed this feature without any official statement.

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