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How can you convert PNG to ICO

Ever got a file that can’t be opened using the current program you have on your computer? Many a time we receive files or create files which need to be converted to a different format for compatibility purposes and this is where free online file converters come in for help.
PNG format is a lossless compression file format, which makes it a typical choice for use on the net. PNG is an excellent choice for storing lines drawings, text message, and iconic design at a tiny file size.

PNG format

The PNG format (pronounced “PING”) was made to replace the antiquated GIF format, and some degree, the TIFF format. It utilizes lossless compression, signifying no image data is lost when saving or taking a look at the image. It really is a widespread format that is recognized by the internet consortium, and recognized by modern browsers. The PNG format was developed when it was learned by the whole development community in early 1995 that the GIF image format uses LZW compression, technology that was patented in 1985 by Unisys firm. The initial creators of the GIF format, Compuserve, had not been aware of this at the time of it’s development in 1987. Now commercial and non-commercial software creators who’s application facilitates the reading or writing of GIF or LZW TIFF images must pay significant royalties and fees. Furthermore web designers who use any non Microsoft program to generate GIF images right to an internet server also have to pay similar royalties and fees. The PNG format doesn’t have any patent restrictions and can be read and written widely by software builders and webmasters as well.
An image file format used for computer icons in Microsoft Windows is called Icon file or .ico file. One or more images of multiple sizes and depth of color are contained in .ico files, so that they can be adequately scaled.

Since most of the people and their equipment that uses images rely on the PNG format, having photos in that extension is essential. However, there are countless other image formats out there such as GIF, BMP. PNG, EPS, TGA, TIFF, WBMP and several others. If you have any of those formats and want to know how to convert them to PDF or PNG to ICO online, then it is very easy to do so.

Download your converted document. A few administrations will change over when you transfer, while others will expect you to click a Convert catch. The change procedure may take a couple of minutes to a couple of minutes. After the transformation is finished, you will either be given a download connect for the converted document, or it will be messaged to you as a connection.

Artificial intelligence platform MonkeyLearn opens in beta

Today was the day chosen for the launch of the MonkeyLearn platform in beta, which is a new tool of artificial intelligence based on the cloud-focused text mining so that developers can use the API of the platform to provide information for analysis, resulting in a data structure which can be categorized to give them different uses. According to VentureBeat , we expect this new platform made ​​by mining text which made ​​for WordPress websites and blogs.

To better understand the operation of MonkeyLearn, it will allow users to select or create a module, which you will provide different types of content, be it websites, documents, content of email messages, etc. ., uploading to the platform or directly capture the source texts via an API. Subsequently, the algorithm will extract key features and content to associate each category within the module itself. Then the categorized content may be used for different uses within any website or application via an API.

At this point, the uses to which it can give categorical data can be different from web profiles to target ads to specific users or messages to the categorization of content by user interests, the Flipboard style.

As we say, the platform has just opened its doors in beta, there a number of pricing plans, ranging from the free option, allowing up to 1,000 hits per month, to the Enterprise version, for $ 500 a month, Developers can make up to a million hits per month, with the extra 1,000 visits / month for a dollar.

Google prepares to celebrate World Oceans Day on Street View

This coming Sunday June 8th is celebrated on World Oceans Day , and to celebrate Google invites us to visit some of the most impressive and increasingly threatened Seascapes in Google Maps Street View – Belize and Philippines – also collaborating with Catlin Seaview Survey.

Both regions remain protected by UNESCO , first we will visit the Belize reef, the largest reef in northern hemisphere this they inhabit countless endangered species. Secondly we are allowed to stroll Tubbataha Reefs Natural by Park, natural park located in center of Sulu Sea and one of the oldest ecosystems that exist in Philippines. This particular area has an incredible biodiversity in regards to marine life, being home to 374 species of coral and countless species of sharks, whales and fish.

Adobe buys Aviary online photo editor

Great movement in the world of publishing images on the Internet and in mobile: Adobe has bought Aviary ( ).

We’ve been talking about since its inception aviary, featuring editors from images and sound , long before they offered their service to other tools that integrated it as a new feature. Aviary intelligently has grown in recent years, and its editor is used in dozens of great web and mobile applications worldwide.

Surely, when you open an app on mobile, related to the world of photography, has an editing system and filters (at instagram), the message “powered by aviary” appears somewhere (work with flickr with MailChimp with mobile versions of Twitter …).

We report on the blog aviary unspecified prices, without indicating how much we are talking about, but making it clear that they will continue working to build new applications and create a more flexible and powerful SDK.

We will continue to support and enhance Aviary’s SDK as part of Adobe’s broader Creative SDK offering. While ensuring no interruption to Aviary’s developer community, or their apps’ users, we plan to add additional components and services for developers to incorporate – such as the ability to save creations to Creative Cloud in Adobe file formats, access Photoshop technology, and connect creativity across devices using the Creative SDK.

The whole team will start working now aviary in adobe, so talent is not lost.

Skype For iOS 8 leverages notifications offer interactive in its new version

Taking advantage of new capabilities that iOS offers in its latest version, Skype has not wanted to miss the appointment with their users when offering new features to improve your user experience thereby being so in the present day, have made available version 5.5 of its mobile app through the App Store.

This version takes advantage of new extensions available in iOS 8 for offer interactive notifications, so that users can answer and incoming calls directly from the lock screen and notification center from the messages.

Skype says users will access the new options both from the lock screen, sliding your finger to the left in the notification as from the notification center, sliding down the notification received. Now all that remains is that users choose the option that best for them to complete.

How could it be otherwise, since Skype are very pleased to offer this feature, although it will not stay still, and that future releases will continue taking advantage of the new features that have been incorporated into iOS 8 which will allow you to bring new features and be open to the participation of users to contribute ideas that also want to see reflected in future releases.

The new version of Skype, 5.5, and can be downloaded free from the App Store for iOS devices from version 7.0 onwards.

Facebook for Windows Phone updated with new design and functions

Microsoft has released a new update to its Facebook application for Windows Phone.

As in previous updates, seek to provide a user experience more intuitive increasingly giving attention to detail, taking into account the feedback from users.

This time, we will see a new design and a number of features that facilitate interaction with the application, such as the ability to upload videos taken with the device directly from the application, integration with Facebook Messenger, among others.

facebook for windows phone

Other highlights are support for more languages, better performance, and for those with Windows Phone 8.1 will see the integration with the People Hub.

All these features have already been announced a few months back in beta, but now they are available to everyone. For those who have installed the application, it only remains to wait for the update and for those who want to try it you can download it from Windows Store

New Flipboard app for Windows Phone

In October last year, at the Nokia World 2013 held in Abu Dhabi, the company’s mobile now part of Microsoft announced that Flipboard “soon” be available for Windows Phone .Well, that “soon” has turned into “almost a year” so far as only some users have had access to the download and use of Flipboard on their phones with Windows Phone 8.1.

For more sadly still, it’s not the final version, it is mentioned in his official Twitter profile that could cause failures in the Windows Store is not available for all phones as well as restricting operating system seems to require at least 1 Gb of RAM, and has no effect “flip” characteristic transitions between content that has made ​​him so popular in the worlds of Android and iOS because they are simple slides which accompany the navigation now.

Divided opinions are among those who have been able to download and test-which can try the link at the end of article-because although the above restrictions do not valid the long wait at first glance, categorized content, presentation professional item selections, high quality sources willing to touch and the ability to create stories from selected manually for further social sharing content still remain to his credit.

They have also commented on Twitter that there will be an official announcement in the “near future”-hopefully closer than that “soon” already comentamos-. Anyway, it’s not a good first look but at least its appearance is noted, subtract it keep hope of obtaining as nice as the other systems experience, without going further, that achieved in the app Flipboard for Windows 8 .

Google Chrome releases new version For 64-bit

In Google blog Chrome have the 64-bit many expected, the Windows version is now available both in channel development as Canary .

This new version replaces the existing, without losing data (favorites, accounts, etc..) As respects the settings that we have in our Chrome.

The article discussed the strengths of Chrome 64bit: speed, security and stability.

The speed quesito remember to use the 64-bit version takes advantage of the new processors, using a more modern set of instructions, improving performance (especially in graphics and digital media) to 25%.

This version of Chrome also uses advanced security systems of Windows 8, indicating that the “extra” bits help defend against invasion techniques to which other versions are vulnerable. Finally comment that greatly improves stability, especially in the process of rendering web content, where the error rate (accidents, as they are called in the article) is reduced to half that with the use of the 32 bits.

Yet it is important to remember that it is a development version, so we recommend its use, particularly the community of programmers who want to provide feedback of what was going finding.

If you are a regular user of Twitter

If you are a regular user of Twitter, I’m sure more than one occasion you may have set on the badges blue that popular social network microblogging standing in profile public figures, corporations, media, etc., objective of demonstrating the authenticity of the account, preventing anyone to impersonate a celebrity.

So far, Dick Costolo, the CEO of the company (which has the position since October 2010 and an account on the social network since May of 2007) did not have a verified account. Undoubtedly, this situation was somewhat curious, given note that it is the CEO of Twitter. Costolo was asked repeatedly by this, so I was forced to clarify the situation through a tweet published in 2012, which stated: To all those who repeatedly ask why I’m not checked whether I’m the CEO : I checked in my head, and Mom said that’s all that matters.

Costolo seems to have changed his mind since recently (without any mention by him) has incorporated this blue badge to your profile in the social network , verifying that it is the CEO really.

Dataminr commercially platform launched its real-time news

Dataminr specializes in tracking the most important information through Twitter, offering real-time alerts on any information that is most relevant to the financial sector, for the sector of the media, and the public sector company. Today has resulted in the commercial launch of its platform Dataminr for News , which was first announced earlier this year with CNN and Twitter, says in a posting on its official blog.

This tool acts as a source of information, which will offer journalists and other specialists the most relevant information that occur on Twitter in real time, counting with the most sophisticated technology for detection and verification of information occurs in public tweets. Dataminr for News also joins the TweetDeck mobile app, which will receive all alerts set through a column dedicated within the application.

Dataminr for News has been tested in its beta stage for more than 50 news organizations, including CNN, BBC, and The Weather Channel, among others.Dataminr technology is facilitating thousands of journalists promptly receive daily news which have been produced according to the alerts that have been established.Thanks to the close collaboration they are having with news organizations in any field, and both those were from the beginning and those that are joining today, is enabling Dataminr improve their ability to deliver relevant information to their newsrooms in real time.

Finally, Dataminr for News will be formally released outside North America in the early 2015, ends his statement.